Download Peak Access Trading Platform

Download Quick Link - click here to download the latest version of Peak Access.

Instructions - Downloading from the Internet

Turn off any virus scan software that may be running in the background.

Click here or go to type http://www.tradedownloads.com/uploads/setuppeak.exe in your web browser.
A File box appears.

Select "Save the program to disk" and click on OK .  Select "Save this program to disk" in the File Download window. Click OK .  (Please note that although the program is self-extracting, we do not advise using the option 'Run this program from its current location'.)

A Save File As dialogue box will appear. Be sure to select Save in: Desktop from the dropdown menu. Click Save .

When the download is finished, a Download Complete dialogue box will appear.
Note that download times will vary based upon the internet connection. Once download is completed click close.
Follow the steps below to install Peak Access.


Instructions for installing Peak Access on your Computer

Double-click on the setupPeak.exe icon, now located on the desktop from the above download process. Press yes on the setup window. The system will unpack the installation program and display a Setup dialogue box.  **

The system will unpack the installation program and display a Setup dialogue box. Choose Next and Yes at all of the prompts to accept the default settings during the process.

The final dialogue box will tell you that you have successfully installed Peak Access. You will have a new directory on the computer that contains files to run the software.

To log onto Peak Access, simply double-click on the icon now located on the Desktop. Access may also obtained by clicking on the START button on the  task bar. Choose Programs and then choose PeakAccess ( Start>Programs>PeakAccess ). 

When the login screen appears, the user will be prompted for a User Name, Password, Domain, and Account number. Pinnacle will provide this required information. Please keep the username and password in a secure place. The software will record all information but never the password for login. 

After installation is complete, please delete the installation icon (setupPeak.exe) from the Desktop: right-click the icon, select ' delete ' and send to the recycle bin. 

Note: It is highly recommended to reboot the computer after any installation. This will also relaunch the recommended background scanning software.

**  Helpful Hint : If you cannot locate the file you downloaded on the desktop, use the "Find" or "Search"  command  to locate setupPeak.exe . To use this, click the Start button, point to Find or Search , then choose Files or Folders. In the " Named" box , enter setupPeak.exe and click " Find Now". The located file(s) will appear at the bottom of the Find box. Check the file size to ensure the correct file was found. Then double-click setupPeak.exe to begin the installation process.



When a new version is released, the software will automatically prompt to upgrade. To upgrade to the new version, follow the same instructions above for download and installation. This will install the most current version of the software while still maintaining all the layouts and data.





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